More animation, and an article.

Well, I am still working on my hopefuly-soon-to-be-released animation demo. As a matter of fact, I spent roughly all afternoon working on this animation and this is what I have so far (around 7 hours or so).


On a side note, the more I animate the more I am reminded why I love it so much.


I also worked on an interview with Ryan Wieber. He’s the guy behind Ryan Vs. Dorkman, as well as a digital compositor for Stargate Digital.

He’s worked on games such as KOTOR 2 and he’s also worked on Heroes and Stephen King’s Battleground.

It’s a long interview, but it’s really REALLY worth the read. You can read the interview on the link below.

BTW, just a little reminder: you can find links to my previous published articles on the “Publications” page on the sidebar, which would be to your right, I think…



~ by nemirc on May 7, 2008.

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