Well, you may or may not know (most likely you don’t… bleh…) but I worked on a short film with some friends back in 2006. The thing is that I got an email yesterday from someone in Spain who had watched the film. That person was actually part of the team behind an animation festival called AniMadrid, and the reason for the email was because they had seen the film and they wanted it on the show.

Now, that’s surprising… Considering it’s an old movie and that I didn’t give it as much exposure as I could have, it’s a surprise that someone will watch it now, and even invite us to participate.

Soooooo right now I am getting everything together and I’ll be sending it next week or so. If you’ve seen my previous posts (and I’ll assume you haven’t) you’ll figure out the situation I am currently in… so this is kinda a light at the end of the tunnel, or maybe just the light midway, but at least it’s something.


~ by nemirc on May 8, 2008.

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