Mariana gets some Mudbox

Well, hello! Long time no see. How have you been anyway?

Ok, I have continued working on Mariana. I finished the facial morphs and she’s now ready for facial rigging “à la Jason Osipa”. In the meantime I’m also working on some normal maps for her on Mudbox.

The reason why I’m going the normal maps way instead of displacement maps is because of render time. Besides, normal maps alone yield some really outstanding results by themselves.

I can’t even begin to stress how much I like Mudbox, btw. I remember I TRIED to learn ZBrush a couple of years ago or so, and I was completely clueless.



Anyway, so far I have the details for the lips and a little “bump thing” above the lips that make her look somewhat sexy (supposedly, anyway).

Someone is working on the sets, and later a third guy will work on the small props and such. That should give me enough time to finish her, and when she’s finally ready we will make this small teaser trailer demo sort of thing.

We’re actually going to look for ways to raise money so we can move this project along. If you’re into 3D you surely know how difficult it is to produce your own films while you’re working full time. Well, that’s pretty much our case, and the reason behind us trying to get money to produce this short is because we want to be able to focus on this completely and utterly.

I’m already working on some sort of “fund-raising, selling, and all that crap” plan, so everything’s going to be ready by the time the demo is finished.


~ by nemirc on June 21, 2008.

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