Tormented update and other stuff

Well, I’ve been doing a lot of work on ‘Tormented’. However, I’ve been focusing on the “logistics and production” side of things, rather than the 3d.

During these past days I’ve gone through a few documents including the actual synopsis, production schedule, budget, distribution plans and all that stuff. This may sound like a lot of useless work, but I am doing it for a reason. I’m going to “reach out for help” or whatever you wanna call it.

There’s this organization or something called Cinergia. What they do is to provide financial aid to directors, writers and whatever, to help them make their dream possible… meaning that they give you enough funds to make your movie.

The most obvious question would be “why no make this film just for the fun of it?” The problem is that, if you’re like me, you breathe, sleep and also eat. If you want to eat, you need food, and if you want food you need money. Now, if I spend 4 or 5 months working on this film, I better have a lot of money to survive while I work on this.

Nevertheless I’m unlucky enough to have this abundance of lack of money. That’s why I have to work, to get money. However if I work 10 hours a day the last thing I’ll want to do is work on a film… needless to say that a 4 month production can easily become a 4 year production because of that.

Anyone can argue that I don’t need the money because I already have the equipment, but the thing is that moviemaking SHOULD be something you could make a living out of.

This is where Cinergia comes in. If you’re like me you love movies, you love moviemaking and you love animation… but you want that to be your profession, not a “just for fun” thing.

So that’s the plan ๐Ÿ™‚

Anyway, that doesn’t mean that I’ve also worked on some 3d stuff as well. I have a couple of small updates on the 3d side for you. I’ve been working a lot on Mariana and now she’s completely finished (almost). I had to change her clothing due to some changes on the script.

I personally find her prettier now ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here you can see two turntables of her. The first one is a standard full body shot…

… and the second one is a close up spiral shot kind of thing.

Anyway… I’ve also spent a great deal on the fabric textures to make them feel like “real fabric” instead of making a plain thing with this procedural texture. Another thing is that fabric isn’t actually opaque (and you don’t need to be a genius to see that…). I tried to make it a little bit translucent, but also design it in a way that you can actually see some “color bleeding” through it, because some fabrics are actually somewhat “see through” even if light doesn’t go through them.

So you can see the picture below and you will notice that you can somewhat see he pink panties, although the skin is somewhat difficult to see through the fabric.


In case you’re wondering, that’s pink lace… but I’m not showing you that…

ANYWAY! in other news… you may or may not know that SIGGRAPH is just around the corner… and the only explanation for you not knowing that is because you’ve been living under a rock for some time… or because you know nothing about the animation industry whatsoever.

Well, my bags are already packed, and I’m just waiting for the plane to take off. I’ll be setting up a uStream channel so you can see what I’m up to while I’m over there, although I don’t think I’ll be streaming live 24/7 because the battery of my laptop will die on me in no time if I do.

Anyway, that’s all for today. Gosh! This was a very long post!


~ by nemirc on July 7, 2008.

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