Lighting pipeline test volume three

Hello people.

If you have seen my old non-working useless piece of blog that I had (the link is to the right), you may have seen my lighting pipeline test with image-based-lighting with lightmaps and all to cut rendertimes.

That’s actually the same lighting setup that we used for the bunnies project (you can see them on my demo).

Anyway, the same light setup will be used for Tormented, so that’s why I was running even more tests. The following image shows what I’m after. It’s a direct output from Mentalray using GI and FG.


The frame takes around 10 to 15 minutes to render at NTSC. I would expect that rendertime to be thrice as much for an HDV frame (if you’ve seen the previous post, which I am sure you have :), you surely remember that Mariana’s turntable was rendered at HDV 720p, and the whole film will be rendered at that framesize).

Sooooooo just as before, the aim is to cut rendertimes. You know the drill, a panoramic image, a lightmap andsome key lights…

For this particular image, the lightmap is the one below.


What I did then was to cut the saturation in half using Photoshop. That way I can have an environment map that will pretty much tell Maya the amount and color of light coming from every direction.

Based on observation I’ve noticed that some colors are lost across the distance, so the desaturation thing really helps here 🙂

I can then light Arianne using that lightmap and the resulting image is the following. The render didn’t take more than a few seconds, which is a good thing.


An AO pass would add a little more depth to her and all. Her skin still looks a little waxy, but that can be fixed by tweaking the light dispersion on her skin shader.

The good thing is that this technique can also be translated to Cinema4D, which is good because I plan to use Cinema for some of the shots.

Anyway, right now we’re working on a background plate test, as well as the facial wrinkles and body animation tests. Those won’t be ready till next week, though, so see you again somewhere next week.


~ by nemirc on July 10, 2008.

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