Mariana cloth test

Well, this is yet another test. The main goal was not to make a walk really. I was more concerned about the cloth simulation since I had never actually used the nCloth system before (I do have some syflex experience, though), and I also wanted to test the rig 😉

Anyway, I made this little sexy-girlish-walk and then I added my clothsim on top of that. So this is how she looks like with all of the dynamics and stuff. She doesn’t have any kind of muscle simulations mostly because I don’t have a muscle plugin and even if I could make my own, I’m too lazy to do it sooooo….

Anyway, the simulation ran fast, it’s very stable and also behaves correctly (meaning that I don’t get any nasty popping artifact or something…)

Next I will work on a “OMFG I’m so scared I’m pissing on my panties” walk, since that’s pretty much her state of mind during the film.


~ by nemirc on July 17, 2008.

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