SIGGRAPH is over, back to reality…

Well, I had an amazing time at SIGGRAPH last week. This was my third one, so I pretty much knew my way around.


I will be posting photos and stuff on this blog, but right now you can read my coverage on Renderosity here.

Anyway, my highlights go something like this:

  • Rome Reborn
  • 3DConexion space navigator (and I actually have one of those sitting on my desk right now 🙂 )
  • The LucasFilms booth, of course.
  • The classes on Kung Fu Panda, Cloverfield and Ironman
  • Some camera tracking system, don’t remember the name.
  • The Maxon Cinema4D R11 launch 😉
  • Maya 2009 and Mudbox 2009 (also known as Mudbox 2, lol), how can I miss those.
  • I went to pay a visit to my TSpline friends, and I finally got to meet Diana Lee from Maxon.
  • I spent nearly half an hour with Carlos Baena from AM and another 20-something minutes with Taylor Mahony also from AM. I actually have these on video so I’ll be posting them on Rendo in the following days.
  • And since I am a press member I pretty much had to do a lot of running around.

Anyway, so sad the event is over, but I wouldn’t be able to survive another week… If you want to see how a SIGGRAPH attendee looks on the last day, watch the video below…

~ by nemirc on August 22, 2008.

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