Short film, new demo, and a little ghost loader

Some people ask me why we would need money to make an animated movie. Well, I guess I could go and ask John Lasseter the same question if I were a complete ignorant, which I am not…

At least to me, filmmaking should be something you make a living from, not something that becomes a burden because you don’t get anything in return. I mean, I don’t see Spielberg working at Burger King or Starbucks so that he can survive while he writes his screenplays or directs his movies.

And that’s exactly what I’m after. Making movies should be your work, not something that you do on your spare time.

So back to the question, why do we need money? Well, we may not need an Academy Award nominated actor, but we still need voices for our characters. We also need a recording studio, unless I record the voices with the mic that I use for Skype… We also need electricity to make computers run, unless I can find computers that run on coal or something.

Outsourcing, Turbosquid models, gas… I could go on and on but I’m not one of those that explains everything that happens in my life.

So, let’s move on…

I have a new demo, and I’m currently waiting for Youtube to finish their maintenance. I hope they finish before I’m done with this post. If not, I’ll edit it and link to the video as soon as I can upload it.

UPDATE: the reel is finally up 🙂

More news… A few days ago I added a little funny loader to the Tormented site.


I hadn’t added a loader before since the page was very quick to load, but now that it has more content it was needed. BTW, the little ghost moves around while the page loads. Right now I’m still making up my mind on what to put on the making of. I am waiting to get the first production photos during the script reading thing, but I haven’t had the time to organize that.

Also… remember that I opened the Tormented production blog, so check it out 🙂

I think I’m missing only one of Mariana’s wrinkle maps, and I’m trying to find time to work on it, but I’m also working on a couple of things.

It also seems that I’ll be working as Animation Director and Rendering TD on another film that some guys are working on. That won’t happen till February, though.

In the meantime, I’m still working on the second draft of my novel (or short novel, whatever you want to call it), as well as defining the storyline of my soon-to-be-made graphic novel. That graphic novel will become a feature film one day, though… when I get the money (and a skilled team) to make an animated feature film, though.

~ by nemirc on September 9, 2008.

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