Mariana’s wrinkles finished

Well, it’s 1:17 in the morning, monday september 15th, and today is our independence day. Yeah, we in El Salvador celebrate our independence on september 15th, and what better way to celebrate our independence than to post another milestone.

Around 15 minutes ago I finished the full wrinkle setup for Mariana. I’ve been testing it a little and everything seems to be working fine. All I have to do now is an animation test with the complete character to see that everything works as it should.

When I have that test I’ll post it to the official shortfilm blog. In the meantime, take a look at these two images. The first one shows Mariana with a “WTF” expression, and the second one is the complete wrinkle setup. Since I just needed to test the wrinkles, I was using a standard plain shader. That means that everything you see in that mess is wrinkle-related only.



~ by nemirc on September 15, 2008.

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