Mariana, now in Stereo where available XD

Well, hello people from around the globe…

Yesterday I finished an animation test using the main character in my shortfilm. The animation was meant to test the rig deformations as well as the rendering and stereo workflow that I plan to use on the film.

Mariana is supposed to be this “oh, I’m so pretty, hot and desirable” girl (even if she spends so much time in front of her computer, as you can tell by the wristband on the right hand), so I wanted her to move in a very “curvy” way. You can notice that by watching how she bends her back, how she moves the hips from side to side and also and how she raises her butt when she raises the head.

At least I hope I got it right…

Anyway, I’m linking the video down below. You can also watch that video (and many others) on my Youtube channel.

And even in red-blue the stereo is looking very good… although I’d so love to use the polarized lenses instead (or whatever the new technology is).

Besides that point, things have been somewhat slow. Right now I’m reviewing a software called CityEngine, made by a company called Procedural. Actually that’s the software that they used for Rome Reborn V 2.0 during SIGGRAPH. The software is amazing, and I hope to have the review up in one week.

I’m also waiting for the results of the film projects, hoping that we actually get the money to make this damn shortfilm…

In the company we’re also trying to get into architecture and all that, and also trying to get more people interested on animation for commercials and such. The thing is that people here still have their brains in the ice age, or something like that, so they’re extremely reluctant on using any kind of animation whatsoever.

And today I gave my first step into trying to create a REAL animation industry in my country… more about that when I actually have something to share.


~ by nemirc on October 4, 2008.

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