Busy, busy, busy…

Well hello people, long time no see…

If you thought I was dead, I’m sorry to tell you I’m very alive…

Anyway, the thing is that I’ve been busy working on the short film I’ve been telling you about. We’ve done a lot of stuff so far but I don’t plan to share all that here… instead, feel free to visit the Tormented production blog.

We’ve also worked on a couple of projects, including something about matchmoving and stuff. Everything went smoothly save for a couple of shots that needed to be matchmoved by hand (how fun…).

And I still have some plans for the company, but I’ll share more about that when it is safe to share more about that 🙂

I’ve also been working on more reviews, including Maya 2009, Mudbox and the CS4. There are still more reviews to come so check back often (or you can simply subscribe to the Renderosity RSS feed).

Now if they only allowed me to review one of the new BOXX workstations, or a Dell Studio XPS, I’d be a happy man since I’ve been wanting to testdrive one of the new Core i7 chips by Intel for some time now.

Other than that, nothing special… well, I got to meet my sisters last december, so I had a little fun even if they can’t speak spanish (they were both born in Germany).

And now I’ll just post a pick because I am not really into empty posts… so…


Yeah, Hellgate London is cool XD
Now just give me Diablo 3 already and I’ll die a happy man XD

BTW, Cinema4D R11 rocks! but the exporters sometimes leave a lot to be desired –_-


~ by nemirc on February 12, 2009.

One Response to “Busy, busy, busy…”

  1. Te felicito, a ti y a tu equipo sigan adelante DO Studio…

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