(originally published on feb 13th 2008)

This is some sort of a rant against those who thing that animators and their software are some sort of mandrakes, always with a trick under their sleeves.

It always gets me when people are excessively ignorant. I read something on the newspaper the other day, and the columnist was talking about how wonderful computer animation was, because with the click of a button you could create an army of tens of thousands of warrior. Mind me… I’ve been using Maya for several years now, and I still haven’t found that button that creates the army.

That’s the reason for this blog’s entry title. People sometimes are so dumb they think we have some sort of infinite library of assets that allows us to pretty much drag-and-drop. Yeah, I know it’s easy to have the Gollum and Witchking primitive inside Maya. I am pretty sure they must have been some real big time savers for Peter Jackson. And let’s not forget about the Cloverfield monster and parasite primitives. I really have to thank Alias (and now Autodesk), Avid, SideFX, Newtek and such, for developing such amazing software that allows us to come up with the next blockbuster film in less than a freaking week.

It’s amazing to have all those “create terrain”, “create ocean”, “create human”, “create elephant”, “create lion”, “create hurricane”, and ”create army” buttons. It’s because of all those buttons that we can create such amazing work with one single mouseclick.

“Some guy” told me he wanted a fully featured animated 30 sec commercial by the end of the week, but that he needed at least a 4 second shot by next morning… Well, easy, all I have to do is load up that Environment from my extensive library of pre-made assets, then load up the characters and then plug the USB to my nose so the computer generates all the animation on the fly by reading my mind.

Ok… rant’s over.
I will only ask the next person that comes up with something that stupid to please show me where that “Create tens of thounsands soldiers” button is, but I can’t find it. He/she can even borrow my computer if he/she wants, as long as I am told where that freaking button is.


~ by nemirc on April 14, 2009.

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