Pipeline test

(originally posted on May 17th 2006)

You may or may not know (most likely you don’t) that I am in the process of producing another short film. This time around I plan to use the “fancy stuff” when it comes to lighting and rendering, however I had to make a “proof of concept” just to know that the pipeline that I had planned would actually work, so I made this little test.

I figured that the best way to test the pipeline was with an actual shot of the film, so I made a motel room that appears on the opening of the movie. I dressed it using some free props that I found at Turbosquid and then I rendered the scene using GI. The second part consists on creating a panorama of the scene so I can lit my character with it.

(originally posted on May 20 2006)

The character-rendering part of the pipeline didn’t work so well so I had to go back and check what was wrong with it. It turned out that the environment was making the skin too hot, yielding this “sunburn skin look”. I desaturated the IBL map and then I created another light dome using the new IBL map.

As you can see, the resulting image was a more accurate and uniform skin. I also made some improvements on the hair rendering. I daresay this new system is ready for animation :)


~ by nemirc on April 14, 2009.

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