(originally published on august 20th 2006)

Hello again ;)

It took me a while to post this but I am finally here. On day 2 the comference continued and by this time the showfloor was still closed. I paid a visit to the Art Gallery and then I went to the Emerging Technologies room.

The art gallery displays pieces that go from the beautiful to the abstract to the completely weird. It is not allowed to take pictures in the Art Gallery but I managed to take a couple of them (one cannot take pictures of the pieces, though) The first picture is the entrance and the second is your charming host… AKA ME.

I also took a few of pictures of the Emerging Technologies room. This was taken near the entrance. You can see more pictures on my ET coverage here.

The keynote was an interesting talk… and the room was more than full!

I also went to a class by some guy from ILM titled “Taxonomy of digital creatures” and a couple of Animation Theater shows. Sorry, no pictures of those since they are not allowed :p

After day 2 I went back to my hotel to drop my stuff and then I went out to see a little bit of the city. I have to say that Boston is a beautiful place (or at least, parts of it, heh). The first picture was taken at the lobby of my hotel, and the rest are the streets and a park.

~ by nemirc on April 14, 2009.

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