The rant of “teh” day

The cool thing about blogs is that you can pretty much post whatever you want (as long as you comply with the provider’s TOS). You can talk about whatever you want, complain about anything, or pretty much share whatever you feel like sharing.

You may or may not know I took part of a film workshop. The final presentation was supposed to be this month, and right now we’re almost finished (we’re missing editing and sound mixing).

The thing is that today I found out the presentation has been put off till August. So we’ve all done all we can to finish on time, rushed our work, and make any sacrifice just to see our film on the screen, and now this?

The reason I was given is that the movie theater said they wouldn’t let the workshop utilize one of the rooms till August. If you ask me, that only shows poor planning from the guys running the workshop, as the projection room is something that had to be arranged months ago, not 2 weeks away from the closing date. The workshop began on November, and we’re on May. Do the math and tell me if that wasn’t enough time to arrange that.

Well, I was talking to one of the animators today, and he told me he’d heard something. There’s “this guy” who’s far from finished (he’s missing a plethora of ‘stuff’ for his film, be it animated or filmed, I’m not telling). The reason he gave was that one of the workshop advisors made him lose 2 months of work, and that he demanded more time to finish.

Mind me, but those advisors know about screenwriting and directing, but not about the “hands-on” experience of your film (be it animated or filmed). I went through the same advisors, but the difference is that we would work on our assets while we’d be working on the script and storyboarding. Also, a lot of the guys who had filmed projects are already finished. So there’s no excuse that a guy has yet to start his project after 7 months.

So that excuse about the advisor doesn’t hold much water. I mean, someone helping you with your screenplay, or storyboard or stuff like that has nothing to do with your inability to rig a character properly, your lack of modeling speed (or skill for that matter), your inability to get your stuff together and go film your shots, or even turn on the freaking camera.

I hate incompetent people. You always do your best on every project you work on, just to see someone screw everything up because that person doesn’t have a clue.

There, that’s my rant of the day.


~ by nemirc on May 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “The rant of “teh” day”

  1. Hahaha, yeah. One of the reasons I got out of production work was because I hated the people who did production work!

  2. I know exactly what you mean. Too often it just takes one knucklehead to ruin it for everyone else.

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