I hate it when people are so unprofessional

Or rather I hate it when people pretend they know what they’re doing but don’t.

Well, here’s the thing. You remember a while back my rant about nothing. Well, supposedly the films open in a week or so, so I’m happy about that. I’m still not happy with the fact we had to wait for two months for this, specially when the people making “that other film” have not finished yet.

The reason behind this post is somewhat different to the whole films thing, but it’s related in a way. As usual, I’m not mentioning any names, but if you know me you already know who I’m talking about. A few months ago, someone hired me to matchmove some shots. Some of them I had to do by hand, some of them were made with a matchmoving application, and some of them were plainly impossible to solve (more on this later).

Don’t you hate when someone ruins your hard work? The “doable” matchmoves were perfect, but somehow the final shots don’t blend at all. After watching the video closely I realized that both clips run at different frame rates, causing the digital elements to “slide” onto the live action plate… so the guy doing the blending pretty much screwed up.

This was not an isolated problem. Half of the shots showed the same flaws.

As for the unsolvable shots… during the planning someone came up with a brilliant idea of using a rope as some sort of swing (although after seeing what I saw I wonder if there was actually any planning because I can’t seem to finish counting all the flaws I saw during that production). The thing is that the rope had to be replaced by a solid object that followed exactly the movement of that rope (including the bending that wasn’t supposed to be there since it’s supposed to be a solid object).

I like working with people, as long as they know what they’re doing. I hate to work with those who don’t because that pretty much means you have to work twice as you have to do their work as well. And above all I hate when a so-called visionary artist ruins your hard work.

No wonder why the guy can’t seem to finish their film.

~ by nemirc on August 2, 2009.

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