Update of the day – Mudbox rocks

Well my last update was, again, like one month ago. I’ve been up to many things, including being a Maya instructor. There’s also 2 more things, but I can’t really talk about those right now :p

Anyway, I’ve been doing some work on Mudbox during my free time. I was thinking on an somewhat action-packed animation with Arianne, so I was thinking I needed to make a special outfit for her. This is part of an internal thing I’m making for the studio.

I actually took my workstation to the limit with this thing. The catsuit is a “second skin” that I made in Mudbox based on her body, which I subdivided 6 times I think, reaching a polycount of like 18 million of polys.

On the other hand, I pretty much went crazy on the jacket. Just for fun I reached 80 million polygons, and actually the workstation managed to handle it but it was too slow to work with, heh, so I went back to 20-something million.

I took the generated displacement maps to add imperfections to the leather color texture and make both pieces look somewhat worn. I also added the displacement maps to an specular map, making the worn parts shine less and all that.

This time I’m linking to a high-rez image instead of a medium-rez one so that you can see the details and stuff.


She’s still missing the gloves. That’s something I will work on as soon as I get my current assignments done. Give me a week or so.

I’m also working on a review and it should go live in a week or so, so I’ll let you know when it does. More reviews are coming so keep your eyes open. If everything goes as expected, some of them is about something super amazing (don’t you just love when someone tells you he’s working on something ultra-cool but he doesn’t tell you what it is?)

~ by nemirc on September 5, 2009.

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