Animation WIP and another video about the shortfilm

Well hello again. I promise I will update this blog more often, as I haven’t been paying it as much attention as it deserves :p

A week or so people launched an animation contest here in El Salvador. People are supposed to turn in a 20′-30 second animation by the 20-something of October. Actually I’m planning on doing 2 animations (there are 5 categories and you can participate in up to 3).

While writing this, I’m TRYING to upload an animation to Youtube. It should work, eventually… I have a previous (shorter) version of the animation up already (that’s the one I’m linking below), so if the darn upload doesn’t work I’ll try again tomorrow.

In the meantime, this is the previous WIP:

The character is the catsuit chick you’ve seen on this blog, and so far I have like 10 seconds of animation (including the simple camera-fly-through intro).

Anyway, more about the short film. Diego Murcia from El Faro (a local e-newspaper) held a little interview with us about the short film. The video was published on El Faro’s website this week, as well as on Youtube (at least he’s able to upload videos… I envy him… thanks for nothing Youtube).

Anyway, you can watch the video below, if you understand spanish.

Well, I finished this blog post and Youtube is still trying to make up its freaking mind about whether or not it should allow me to upload a video… thanks for nothing Youtube!

~ by nemirc on September 24, 2009.

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