The self-proclaimed stereo artist at work

These weeks have been kinda crazy. I’ve been working on some demos for would-be clients, the short film and software reviews. I posted a very small note about real time rendering using Mach Studio Pro (although I didn’t actually say the name of the software at that time) and the review is up now.

There are a couple of projects I am after. One is a big interactive viz that should keep us busy for the next couple of months or so. The second one is an animated commercial, but the client hasn’t decided yet… They are deciding based on the cheapest bid, regardless of the quality, which sucks as we all know how that story ends.

That really sucks, though, because in the end the media gets contaminated by a bunch of crap leaving no room for work worth paying for.

Moving on to something less depressing…

I’ve been working on the storyboard for my short film, adapting Storyboard Pro to fit the project’s needs, splitting the panels in two so I can work on the framing and depth of the shots at the same time. You can see a screenshot of the storyboard here. The upper part is, obviously, the framing, and the lower part is the placement of the objects. The “template” I drew pretty much lets me work on everything 3D at the same time.

So yeah, I think I’d mentioned it before, the film will be made for 3D, and it’s the first short film to be made for 3D in El Salvador (‘because there’s more to 3D than putting 2 cameras one next to the other’).

Now we realize the good side of investing on specialized hardware. We can visualize the 3D while we work, since apps offer Stereo 3D preview directly on the viewport using the Quad Stereo Buffer thing on the Quadro videocard. So we’re pretty much using a “smaller scale” version (as in extremely smaller scale) of the viz tech Prime Focus uses on their Stereo pipeline 🙂


The image shows the 3D screen in action. Windowed 3D, only available on specialized hardware, hehe.

My next step is to film something in 3D, but that will be after I get my beamsplitter… and improve my skills as filming is a completely different story than doing 3D inside the computer!

Anyway, yeah, The Room is going to be done in 3D… because we can 🙂


~ by nemirc on May 16, 2010.

One Response to “The self-proclaimed stereo artist at work”

  1. Aunque no soy conocedora de este tema, me atrevo a dejarte mi comentario.
    Primero, comparto tu frustración porque en este país tenemos la mala costumbre de irnos por lo barato, y una gran resistencia a invertir en calidad. Es algo que, si queremos ser un país desarrollado, debemos ir dejando atrás, y confío en que algún día lo haremos.
    Segundo, al leer tu post me entero que tu siguiente corto es una animación en 3D, y me siento muy orgullosa de que un compatriota mío esté llevando adelante este tipo de proyectos.
    Ánimos, and keep making us proud 🙂

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