“Tormented” is going 3D and other stuff

Well, I realize it’s now saturday and I said I would post again on friday. Problem is I’ve been kinda sick so I’ve been feeling like crap.

So, the “Tormented” is going 3D. I’m currently working on the retrofitting and all. Some shots will have to be re-rendered but a good part of the film can be converted just fine. Besides I’m thinking on adding new shots to take the film closer to “my original vision.”

You can read about that on the company blog here.

I’ve also been working on another conversion for some guys. I can’t tell you about that, I can only tell you that we tested the footage in the movie theater and it looked pretty cool. The original video was not made by us, but the conversion was completely “DO Digital 3D.” There will be a video showing off that in the following weeks so you can see.

SIGGRAPH is just around the corner, and I’m as excited as pissed off. I understand sometimes what I say can “upset” people but this is my blog and I can post whatever I want as long as I don’t attack anybody, right?

Anyway, there was this “initiative” to take some studios to SIGGRAPH so we could show off our work and all. Just not to give you the whole story, and prevent myself from writing something that may offend someone, there were 7 companies represented there (including one that’s supposedly THE animation studio in the country), and I was the only one to actually register, since the others “didn’t show any interest” (whatever the hell that means).

I actually have my theories, though. However, those I keep to myself because you never know who may be reading this. All I will say is that it’s extremely easy to just talk your ass off, but it’s a completely different story to actually show everybody what you’re made of.

All I know is that once again El Salvador is not going to SIGGRAPH, but the guys from Costa Rica (another central american country, 2 hours or less away by plane) are going, and have a booth of decent size according to the showfloor plans.

That’s one of the sucky things about this country. Everyone’s like “I have to be the one to be under the spotlight, not me and XX more people, because I’m the best, blah blah blah.”

I care not. One way or another, I’m already registered for the event so I’ll be there again this year.

BTW I just realized I hadn’t posted the studio’s 3D reel, so here it is. I think you’ll have to see it on youtube, though, since the embeded video does not show the 3D controls:

~ by nemirc on June 13, 2010.

2 Responses to ““Tormented” is going 3D and other stuff”

  1. Felicidades, el demo reel de tu estudio está buenísimo.

  2. Hoho gracias, gracias

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