Lots of stuff I can’t show

Well, it’s friday again :-/

Anything new? I could say that. I’ve been working on A’s new face (meaning Arianne. If you don’t know who A is, look the top banner. She’s the studio’s mascot or whatever). I have some preliminar render but she looks kinda weird without hair so I will be posting a final render next week.

The studio site is being redesigned. It will be simpler, and COOLER! It will also show the “new lines of services” so to speak.

I’m still working on the first draft of the feature film. So far I have around 20 minutes. The good thing is that I already had the outline. The bad thing is that I’m changing some stuff as I go, so it’s clearly not a matter of “just filling the blanks.”

A friend also wants us to write a TV series together. Now if I only had the time…

I’m also working on a computer game with some pals. I can’t tell you what the game is about, but I can tell you it’s a very simple but entertaining idea. This is being done on our spare time, so it’s not like it will be finished “very soon.”


~ by nemirc on June 26, 2010.

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