Games, primates, and the “state of the local industry”

Well, the reason why I didn’t post yesterday is because I was not feeling THAT well. I am kinda sick, and no, don’t wanna talk about it 😛

Anyway, I’m working on a game with a couple of other guys. It’s going to be a very simple game about this monkey who will be doing stuff I can’t talk about, in order to reach a goal and get a prize I can’t talk about either.

Even if the game is going to be somewhat simple, we think it’s going to be cool because it requires dexterity, skill, and creativity… – you have none of these – … and it’s going to be cool because… oops I can’t reveal those details either.

I feel very Steve Jobs-ish right now.

At least I can show you a WIP 😀


So that’s the monkey. I called him Larry just for the lulz.

On a different subject, some people were supposed to launch this big huge gargantuan local animation contest like 5 months ago, but they haven’t done it yet. Sorry but I can’t help to compare that to the contests the guys from CGSociety or pretty much any respectable entity in the industry comes up with. Makes me wonder if the locals are actually serious about this.

SIGGRAPH is just around the corner, just 3 weeks away. I missed last year’s event so I am obviously going to this one, because apparently I am the only local who’s serious enough about animation to go there…

Well you see, there was this “initiative” or whatever so that local animation studios could attend the event as exhibitors. The “flagship companies” were part of it, but for some reason that’s beyond me every company (except that of your humble narrator here) backed away so once again this country is missing SIGGRAPH altogether. So there, the so-called flaghship opted not to go to SIGGRAPH…

I drew my own conclussions out of that, but I ain’t sharing them. However, if you’re like me, you may reach a similar conclussion, if not the same.

So, I have to say it sucks to be in a country where gigs usually go to the lowest (and usually crappiest) bidder. People here pretend to be keen on animation and all, because they like Pixar films, or because they went to see How to Train your Dragon in 3D (stealing the polarized glasses while at it). However, it’s ironic that those who can tell the difference between the good visuals in Dragon and the less-than-stellar ones in the Barbie movies or whatever, can’t tell the difference between some local production with good visuals, and one that was evidently made by novices with no experience whatsoever.

However, the novices get the gigs because they bid lower, or just happen to know someone who knows someone. In the end, what you see on local TV sucks balls (thanks to Jay and Silent Bob for teaching me that phrase, heh).

In other countries, at least there are those who do care about quality. That’s not the case here 🙂

So stuff like that I’ve just shared can give you an overview of the “state of the industry” in this country when it comes to animation. I don’t see a “local” industry taking off any time soon, so the team and I will just be focusing on our stuff.

If you happen to be a local and felt offended, all I can say is that I don’t care because nobody forced you to read. After all, this is my space for expression and I am not directly attacking anybody.

So yeah, I hope you liked the post, and remember, no monkey business 😀


~ by nemirc on July 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Games, primates, and the “state of the local industry””

  1. Buenas, Sergio.
    De nuevo, invadiendo tu blog con mis opiniones iletradas.
    Primero lo primero: está bien mono el monito de tu juego. Y que si será un juego simple… bueno, Tetris, mi favorito de favoritos, no es algo así como que un derroche de gráficas impresionantes o una trama intrincada, así que te vaticino buenos resultados con tu monito.
    De nuevo, el tema de no querer pagar la calidad e irse por lo más barato es algo que sufrimos en todo los ámbitos, creeme.
    Es terrible tener que pelear con jefes que quieren buenos resultados, contratando tres personas a las que les pagarán $200 al mes, en lugar de uno bueno, al que le pagarían $600. Y no exagero.
    ¿Será que el camino hacia la apreciación y valorización de la calidad es lento y pedregoso? ¿Algún día llegaremos allí? Quién sabe. Pero cuando al menos sé que cuando vos seás un jeque de la animación y tengás una gran empresa, y cuando yo sea la propietaria de mi periódico, je, haremos las cosas diferentes, ¿no crees?
    Espero no haberte aburrido. Hasta aquí llega mi interrupción iletrada.

  2. Si, tiene razón que la gente prefiere lo barato en lugar de la calidad, en todos los aspectos. Por cosas así es que el país no va a avanzar, porque la gente preparada en muchos casos se dedica a otras cosas, o termina largándose a otros lugares donde sí aprovechen sus conocimientos.
    Por eso es que mientras en otros países hay desarrollo de a galán en todos ámbitos, en El Salvador se sigue haciendo jalea de café y cultivo de pipianes (refiriéndome a los vegetales, claro XD)

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