Character texturing and short film

Well, it’s past midnight (meaning it’s already sunday) but since I’m a very responsible person I know I must write the weekly post now.

So what I am up to right now? Short film, teaching animation to some kids, fighting wannabes and freeing the country from poor 3d, as usual, LOL. Anyway, I’ve been working on one of the short film characters. She’s based on a local singer, since she has a small part on the film.

This singer also had this very cool hand-painted thing on her arm, so I am trying to replicate that as well. The image below shows my texturing WIP (the lines are my guides as to where the final tattoo goes).


Another guy is working on one of the main sets, some sort of super-amazing bar, and one of the most important sets of the film (there are 5+ locations, so it’s not your regular one-set-fits-all animated short film).

This location is a bar, as I just said, but it’s a themed bar, so it’s not your usual modern place, but themed as this big greek or roman party place, but with modern touches. Image below.


So what’s the film about? You will know it soon, or maybe not so soon. I show you WIPs and stuff, but I am not sharing details about the story just yet.

SIGGRAPH is in two weeks, so I’m currently prepping the stuff I will be taking with me. This event is going to rock, but again, SIGGRAPH always rocks 🙂

See you next week!


~ by nemirc on July 11, 2010.

2 Responses to “Character texturing and short film”

  1. sounds cool. i wonder if it’s a new story, ‘cos it seems familiar in many levels. specially about the singer, the bar and different locations (5). how ironic it could be.

  2. It’s a completely different thing. Théâtre is a prominent but secondary location of the story. The singer is a secondary character and I for that I took the advantage of having contacted someone already and I figured we could do something cool. As for the other locations, I will be showing them on future posts, when they are ready.

    There are no soldiers here either. Just a professor and two scientists.

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