SIGGRAPH 2010, new demo, and stuff

Hello people. I was going to post this yesterday (friday) as I had the time to do it, but I decided to do it today so I could all tell you that I’m here in LA waiting for SIGGRAPH 2010 🙂

So there, the event starts tomorrow, and I am super excited! I am tired of the 5 hour flight, and to tell the truth I belong to the ground (I hate flying) but at least it’s worth it.

The hotel room is kinda weird, with an open lavatory thing and a big mirror, then the bed and then the tub-less shower. Damn I was so thinking to get into a tub full of hot water as soon as I arrived.

Anyway, I also have a new demo 🙂 I uploaded it a couple of days ago, and you can find it below.

The studio also has a SIGGRAPH page up right now. You can find the link on the front page at

So that’s it. I will post a few pictures as days go by, so you can see what the whole thing looks like.

BTW I saw a guy at the airport that looked just like Stu from Scream. I actually thought it was him so I looked at him kinda amazed, and the guy freaked out, lol. Well, that was the senseless part of this post.


~ by nemirc on July 25, 2010.

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