“Main character” texturing WIP, or not, and les vacances

We had vacations this week in my country, which is a good thing considering how tired I was after the crazy SIGGRAPH week. That means I’ve barely touched the 3D apps, other than Mudbox.

I’ve been working on the texturing of the next film’s main character. I don’t remember if I’ve shared the name here before, but if I haven’t this is not the day to share it yet.


Yeah, she has weird purple stuff, and there’s a reason behind it: She’s an un-alive, LOL. At least in a manner of speaking, she is. It still needs a few details here and there (and ‘elsewhere’), but it’s pretty much finished. That’s the result of a few hours of work, though, as I am enjoying the vacations 🙂

I worked on the displacement map earlier this week. The model ended up with around 80’million polys but at least the computer can take it. I’ll still have to make some very-high-rez displacements for some parts for close up shots, though (and I still have a couple more characters to work on).

What’s coming next week? Software reviews, work, world domination, the usual stuff. In the meantime, I’m getting ready for SIGGRAPH 2011, lol.


~ by nemirc on August 7, 2010.

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