More on Aisling, the monkey game, and misc stuff

Well, now you know my secret. The character of this film is named Aisling. Why? Because the name sounds cool, that’s why 🙂


I’ve been struggling with the displacement and normal maps all week, just to realize the reason why they weren’t displaying correctly is because I’d lowered the texture quality settings on the videocard driver… you know, using a RTR means it would base the final output on what the card is displaying.

Anyway, now you can see the full effect of the I don’t know how many polygons I had in Mudbox (around 15 million just for the face, I think?). She still needs some work, bigger irises (or whatever the name of the purple part is), hair, eyelashes and brows (still haven’t decided the best way to make the brows). I am thinking that maybe a combination of transmaps and displacement maps as I want to stay away from hair-based brows and eyelashes, although I may end up doing just that.

I also need to figure out what to do with the hair. Maybe combine Maya hair with the RTR engine, and comp both of them, or maybe mesh-based hair. The thing is that mesh based hair may be too “unrealistic” for a character that even has lip cracks and pores O_o we’ll have to try and see how it looks.

What else is on? A couple of animations for some guys in Australia, a little animation project for a web design company (although this one’s on hold because they are changing the concept or something), and the bad-ass monkey is rigged and ready for some action.

The monkey will be animated in Motion Builder (so the other guy working on this game better learn how to use it, heh). I still have to figure out how to rig the tail, as I am not very experienced Motion Builder rigger yet. The monkey also has small bones on the ears so they can move for specific animation sequences.

BTW the monkey game title right now is “Project Monkenomium.” We will be opening a blog or site when we have the launch trailer in a couple of months or so. BTW this would be the first game being developed in El Salvador using an actual game engine, as games made here are usually Flash-based.


~ by nemirc on August 22, 2010.

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