What’s so funny about peace, love, and understanding?

Hello again, I am back. It’s been a sorta-busy week, making a proof of concept for a would-be client, working on the “Tormented” 3d retrofitting, the new short film, the game and such.

If you’re familiar with 3d retrofitting, 3d in general and all the stuff that goes into account when working on an animated 3d movie, you know what we’re going through with this. Continuity,color management and all that good stuff. What has been converted so far looks very good, though. This is what the movie should have been to begin with.

For the next film I’m still working on the muscle system. My first test was less than stellar, and stellar, and the second iteration didn’t suck THAT much. At least now I am more familiar with what NOT to do with muscle systems so the third test was a great improvement, and the final indirect deformations are extremely fast once you’ve cached the muscles.

I am currently rebuilding the muscle structure again, so no animation tests yet (my tests so far have only included a full arm, so I still have to do a full-body test). However, I will leave a little pic here showing you the new positioning of a few muscles, and the reason why I love my Wacom Intuos 4 so much (hint: it’s all in the radial menu).


Someone came up with this crazy idea of a shot, however it was kinda difficult to figure out where it could go without affecting the momentum of the whole story. I can’t tell you what the idea is, but I can tell you it will be used as the title sequence. The thing is that these shots pretty much sum up the whole idea behind the short film, and it works perfectly as a title sequence.

I’m also testing the new CityEngine (version 2010 Pro). So far I’ve liked what I’ve seen, although I still need to explore the software more. I will be reporting more when I have something to report.

The game is slowly taking shape. We now have a working gameplay prototype, so I’m happy about that since that’s one of the vital parts… well, everything is vital but having a bunch of assets and animations is useless if you can’t get the damn game working, right?

Which reminds me… the usual weekly rant… Long story short:

I got this message the other day from some idiot (well what can I say, I lack a better word, heh) ranting about “betrayal” and stuff, saying how I am a backstabbing bastard because he is not part of the game development team.

Mind me, but AFAIK I am free to work with whoever I want, and do whatever I want in life as long as I don’t affect others, and the last thing I need is someone in his 30’s acting like a toddler bitching about not getting any candy or whatever.

Besides, we’re not even on the same page. We’d always discuss about quality control and such, because the levels of quality I expect are usually higher.

I also got a rant about my previous post where I said “this would be the first game being developed in El Salvador using an actual game engine.” Like it or not, this may be true since *no game has ever been developed before* in this country, using a game engine.

I’ve seen many tech demos, like a character running inside a room firing lasers, a sorta-fps thing where you move inside the room but can’t really do anything else, or maybe a box or whatever that “picks up” a key or something to open a door. However, that’s far from being a finished game, at least according to my understanding of what a video game is (I don’t remember playing The Force Unleashed, my character being a capsule or box)

On the other hand, maybe another team is developing a game as well, and if they finish before us they will be the first ones to develop an actual game in El Salvador.

So that “first” title will belong to whoever comes up with a finished product first. Just don’t give me the “been there, done that” routine when all you have is a character skinned to the Unreal Tournament skeleton running on a 5×5 stage firing lasers, a fps thing inside a room with no interaction whatsoever, or a box moving around… the box is what we have so far, and that’s *obviously* hardly a game.

Bottom line, the hell with idiots… Although they serve to give us some good laughs from time to time.

~ by nemirc on September 12, 2010.

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