Shortfilm animatic, DD3D intro, and game

Well, hello again. It’s not like I forgot to post this on friday. I intentionally delayed the post as I was hoping I would go watch this movie and use part of the post to make a critique, but I didn’t get the chance to go watch it so…

I left the short film R&D aside for a few days, and focused on the storyboard, or rather animatic. I am using Toon Boom Storyboard Pro for the animatic, since it allows you to create the animatic directly using the panels you’ve drawn (you can read my thoughts on Storyboard here).

We did the voice recording a few months ago, so I am now picking the best performances and adding them to the storyboard timeline (Storyboard Pro has a timeline view, where you can add I don’t know how many sound tracks). I am retiming the shots (the current length was based on my own calculations rather than actual line lengths), and I get to watch in real time the whole thing and check for the momentum, and stuff like that. I will then export it as an EDL so I can send it to Premiere Pro.

Now since I am a good person, I am showing you a screenshot of how the timeline is looking so far.


Storyboard Pro doesn’t include a “depth script” template so I had to split the frame in two so I can work the framing on one part, and the depth on the other (because, as you know, it’s going to be in 3D). Although the workflow is somewhat of a ‘trick’ or ‘hack’ at least it lets me see how the whole thing is working together (if you’re familiar with stereoscopy then you know what I mean… if you’re not, well too bad, lol).

I am also working on a new intro in 3D for the studio. It’s around 30 second long and, unlike most of the stuff available in the 3D demo right now, it’s not a conversion but something that was designed to work in 3D. I will show it to you when it’s ready (the 3D-compatible version will be available on Youtube so those with 3D screens can watch it).

For the intro I will be using a re-designed version of the girl on the current demo (less realistic, more cartoony, cuter, whatever). See image below.


As for the game… We now have a preliminar gameplay thingy, so while the coder is refining the gameplay and mechanics side of things, the concept designer and I are working on assets and animations.

We are going to have a launch trailer soon, so keep an eye around here 😀

And that’s pretty much it. See you next weekend.

~ by nemirc on September 20, 2010.

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