Games, games, games… and 3D

Well I am still working on the 3D intro for the studio. I could’ve finished already but keep in mind this one’s for 3D and it’s not just a matter of putting a second camera next to the first one (I’ve actually had people telling me that… they have no idea what they talk about).

Of course there’s the whole “quality control” thing and we don’t rush work here, unlike others… we do care about Quality 🙂

I was thinking on ideas for a future game as well. I actually have an idea for a horror game featuring a female character (if you have played any Fatal Frame, then you will know why I chose a female character… not because of the games, BTW). I am not the kind of person who gets scared easily at games (I found DOOM III fear factor lame, FEAR games don’t scare me at all, Deep Space scared me sometimes but not all the time, and Silent Hill I just love), so I will try to come up with stuff that will scare ME. If I get scared myself it will surely scare a lot of people.

I wanna stay away from the lame zombies, BFGs, swords and rocket launchers. I don’t think that taking the no-gun way is not an option either (just look at Penumbra or the latest Silent Hill for Wii game, gun-less gameplay doesn’t cut it). Alan Wake’s idea of fighting shadows with light is cool, similar to the Fatal Frame 4 guy who uses the lamp.

That one’s gonna take a lot more to design and develop, but I hope I will be able to get to it soon. So exciting T_T

BTW the animatic for the short film is also finished. Running time is 14 minutes and some seconds. It was nice to see a whole “cut” with voices and all. I love the voices, specially the main character’s voice.

BTW just a reminder. I wrote a review on this “ONE: History of a Goal” movie last week. It’s my previous post in case you missed it.


~ by nemirc on September 27, 2010.

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