Sorta-innovation and investment

This one goes outside my usual weekly post schedule, but I wanted to share this revelation. I was talking to some guy last week and he told me that he had noticed the lack of interest on certain kinds of investments (yeah, I talk about money here).
As you know, I am not some sort of Wall Street guy of some sort; just someone who knows his subject. I am just going to share some thoughts based on what the guy told me.
In El Salvador we have little interest in innovation in general. This is specially a problem in technology-related areas because people with money here don’t really see the possibilities in those areas (among them, Media and Entertainment).
As you know, I am a cg animator and I also run this shop (and am currently building a game development company with 2 other partners), so I know how things work here. Investors don’t believe in Media and Entertainment as a real business (I guess they don’t go to the movies often nor spend much money on video games for their kids).
I mean, it’s not like they would give you money for free. They would own part of the profits since they help build the entire thing.
Companies like Pixar were built on money from external investors (well Jobs had money but not THAT much). Other companies work the same way. It only takes a small trip to the Ubisoft website to find the Investors Relations page.
People here should stop being afraid of “unusual” investing opportunities and embrace things like film making and game development as ways of making money.
I know in other countries is the same but I can only speak of what I see in person.

~ by nemirc on October 11, 2010.

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