Tech stuff and short film

Well, I got distracted with a lot of things, but here’s my weekly post.

I finally got the muscles to work. It was very tricky to get the deformations to do what they should but now I can get them to yield very decent results with almost no user intervention. I am working on making the system transferable to any character (t already is, but I want an automated way to do it).

I also got the retargeting thing to work. They changed a lot how it works in Maya 2011, so you have to keep an eye on naming conventions and such. The good thing is that the animation can be edited using the HumanIK system, which is a very good thing. However, you need to be more careful when setting up the skeletons.

In the meantime, I’m still working on the animations for the game, and other stuff. A reveal trailer should be ready in 2 weeks or so, so you will know what are working on.

A trailer for the 3D version of “Tormented” will be ready in the same timeframe as well.

Keep on animating!

~ by nemirc on October 11, 2010.

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