Yet more on muscle systems…

Hello 😉

I was going to post this yesterday but these last days have been crazy… not exactly on the work-level but more on the non-work side of things. Long story I don’t feel like sharing.

Anyway, I now have my muscles working, it’s just a matter of tweaking the jiggle. Right now they look like this girl doesn’t really work out that much.

Anyway, those are over 170 muscles or so. They are attached to a sub-dermal layer that picks up the individual muscle movement and turns it into a single motion that is then used to drive the actual skin. Elbows and knees are a pain, as always, but those are not-so-easily fixable (already did, BTW).

This is some sort of hybrid system based on what I saw done for the Na’vi on Avatar. You see, going to the tech classes is actually useful.

Anything else to report? Well the trailer for the game should be out this week, as well as a reveal trailer for something else 😉

Ok, see you next weekend.

~ by nemirc on October 18, 2010.

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