Character texturing WIP

Well, hello again Sonrisa

This week I wanted to show you the texturing WIP for another character. It’s pretty much finished, and the only thing that’s missing are the eyebrows. I still can’t decide if they should be made of hairs, or simulated using a displacement map and painted textures. I have to talk to the art lead guy about this to hear his thoughts on the subject.


I am also begining to work with Unity 3.1. I’ve been experimenting with version 2.6 but 3.1 has some very nice features.

I just finished writing a review about some app (can’t talk about it) and I think it’s going live next week. I will post the link in the publications page (BTW I’ve updated it so if you haven’t been there in some time, it’s time to check it out Guiño).

This has been a somewhat short week, and I don’t have much to share. See you next week, and maybe I will have bigger updates by then.

Bye Guiño


~ by nemirc on November 13, 2010.

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