Displacement bliss, madness, experiments, and Lady Gaga

This has been a crazy week. A lot of stuff, some good, some bad, some just plain retarded. Anyway, among other things I continued my work with the main character for the next short film.

I’ve been focusing on the displacement maps this time. She has basically two, one for the head and one for the body (I plan to make a third one for the nails). The face map is just 4K, which is pretty much manageable. The body map is a massive 8K 32bit map. Right now they’re in TIFF format, although I will need to convert them to DDS to make them more realtime-rendering friendly, since I am using the RTR engine.

I continued working on the skin shader. Since the main character’s skin tone is somewhat pale, it’s proving to be a real PITA. Below you can see some renders (model by team member Jaime Munguia).



As you can see I even painted some “underlying blood vases” on the skin to help sell the “pale and sensitive skin” look. We’re aiming for a somewhat realistic but yet not so much look, if that makes any sense.

BTW those are real displacement map effects. Below you can see a wireframe look of the model. That’s a bunch of polygons, but the videocard can handle that with no problem Smile


I was talking to the art guy about the best way to create the eyebrows. I was wondering how she would look with displacement-based eyebrows. For medium shots and such, it seems they will do the trick just fine. However, for closeups I fear we will have to make hair-based eyebrows… fun…

Below you can see the displacement-based eyebrows. I used just one light for these screengrabs because I wanted to see how the shader would behave under dark lighting conditions (yeah, everything you see here is a screen grab, not a “render.” The RTR is that good…).


No shadows…



Next step is to tweak the eyes. That’s gonna be interesting… and obviously hair. In the meantime, I am also modeling one of her outfits (she has a total of 5 outfits or so).

On a side note, my boss said that the guys at Cineform totally loved the article I wrote about Neo3D. All these months of training on 3D technologies really helped Smile

BTW did I mention I have a stalker? I think I did, but I can’t remember. Well, long story short, this person (let’s call it Gaga just for the lulz) has been attacking our short film “Tormented” for like 3 weeks or so, talking about how much it sucks and all that stuff (attacking me exclusively, so she was obviously dumb enough not to watch the credits and realize there’s an 8 people team behind the project Smile with tongue out). However, there’s a little Icarus statue on one shelf that doesn’t seem to agree with that (the Icaro award we won with the short film). Ironically, even if Gaga claimed I was such an unimportant person that he/she/it/whatever was not willing to waste time with me, he/she/it sent ‘over 9 thousand’ messages…

I wonder how many messages Gaga would send to someone important if your insignificant blogger here got that many (besides, Gaga will constantly check my blog and Twitter just to see what I am posting… Geez, I am *obviously* very unimportant to Gaga, if you ask me).

Then Gaga went ahead to attack another piece of work (the Monkeymonium trailer which I posted a couple of weeks ago or so), talking about how much it sucked and how it was evidently made by someone with such a lack of creativity like me. Well, I guess the joke’s on him/her/it/whatever because I didn’t take any part on the “creative process” because one of the other two guys came up with the original idea, and the other one came up with the look and feel. Too bad Gaga didn’t know about that, so he/she/it made himeritself look like an idiot.

This has been rather entertaining, though, since it’s fun to see people envy our work so much they will come up with whatever crap they can come up with to sustain their  arguments. Gaga could’ve very well said “and your mamma is fat!” while sending those messages. I would’ve literally pissed myself if he/she/it had done that, heh.

And if you, Gaga happen to read this, you just proved how important me and our studio’s work are in your life *points and laughs*


~ by nemirc on November 20, 2010.

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