There is no band, and how 3D is cool… except…

And no post either! The company is going through some sort of restructuring, so I don’t have much to report here. However I want to share some “wisdom” with you while I am writing this post.

I was having this “exchange of ideas” with a friend on whether or not the local animation industry could ever take off. I can’t tell why how it started, but it had something to do with something we saw one of these days. Anyway, we kinda came up with this list or whatever about how things can benefit the would-be local industry.

Time is king. Unrealistic deadlines are something you see all days. People want Dreamworks quality stuff done in days, not even weeks. Just to put it on perspective: rendertimes for animated movies can go from 2 to 4 hours (or something like that), but people here worry if each frame takes more than a couple of minutes to render because the client wants stuff done by the next day… We took a lot of liberties on the rendertimes for our film “Tormented” and (even if some things could still be improved) it’s one of the most “eye-candy” animations ever produced in this country (although my enemies will be quick to disagree… fucking haters, lol!)

Budgets… that’s self explanatory, I believe…

Let the pros do the work. There’s people here who can do very nice work, while others simply fail to impress but do things cheaper so they get the gigs. Go back to the previous and extremely long explanation about budgets.

For some reason people can tell the difference between the photorealistic effects seen in Avatar and the less-than-stellar effects in Immortel (don’t get me wrong, I totally love Immortel, but characters don’t look nearly as good as the Na’vi), but they can’t tell the difference between some movie from Dreamworks and some animation that looks like a playblast directly captured from the Maya viewport. Or maybe everything looks different when seen through the eyes of Ben Franklin (obviously talking about money here).

The last one, to put it blatantly, your all-time friend may not be the most suitable person for the work, and just because it’s your BFF or whatever, doesn’t mean it’s the best. I may be someone’s best friend but if that person asks me to do some architectural renders then I’ll have to turn down that offer because architecture is not my thing at all.

And BTW, 3D is cool, except when it’s not. That one’s also self explanatory…


~ by nemirc on December 14, 2010.

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