Hair and nodes… first post of 2011

Hullo! First post of 2011!!!

Well, after a somewhat depressing end of the year, for reasons I will not discuss but you may get the idea if you my late October post, everything’s going fine. Working on a new project I can’t talk about, and some other stuff. Unlike my latest posts, I will show you some images, though Open-mouthed smile

I am working on some polygon hair. I usually make real hair for my characters, but this time I am using polygons for the hair, for compatibility reasons mostly. the model is not subdivided, but you can get an idea of what I am after (short, messy hair).


The next image shows one of the things I’m working on (with the imperative Gauss Blur applied to it). The cat pretty much describes my expression when I was on it.



~ by nemirc on January 9, 2011.

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