My out of schedule and extremely delayed Tron: Legacy review

Well, this is a movie pretty much everybody has watched already, so that’s where the “extremely delayed” part comes in. The thing is that the movie will hit local theaters in my country this Friday, February 4th. However, since I am cool, and also a freaking award winning director, I got the chance to watch it today (besides I know high-rank people at the movie theater… that’s where the award winning director part also comes in Smile).

Anyway… We all know that we don’t watch Tron because it has an extremely deep, Lord of the Rings-style epic story, with extremely well written characters, outstanding performances, wonderful screenplay, and overall cinematic quality that will make it the next Lawrence of Arabia. So, getting all that out of the way, I can just say the movie ROCKS!

End of the review. Thanks for reading… Smile

Yeah, right.

If you liked the first Tron movie, all I can say is this one has more of almost the same (which is not a bad thing). We don’t have the Master Control, Galactus – I mean Sark (let’s face it, Sark’s helmet was very Galactus-like), or Tron (well, we do… in a way, heh).

Storywise, it’s a story about a son that wants his father back, and some bad guy who thinks can rule the entire freaking universe because he’s cool enough to do it. Again, not the most original story, but it’s been a long time since I saw an ORIGINAL story on the screen (not even Inception, the story of a man who got separated from his kids and wants to go back to them… yeah… that’s called sub-plot…). However, the movie takes place inside a computer and that enough makes the unoriginal story into something never before seen… in the last 27 years or so.

So, if the story is not something original, what makes Tron: Legacy so cool? Same thing that made Inception into something more than a remake of I am Sam: style and spice. Tron: Legacy has action, adventure, comedy, games, lightcycles, games, glowing disks, and a hell a lot of cool looking technology. It’s a story set on a world designed to make you go “woah!” all the time.

Tron: Legacy is made for those who watched, and liked, the first movie. If you didn’t like the first one, there’s no reason for liking this one, which is only logical. I mean, I don’t know anyone stupid enough to go watch The Empire Strikes Back or Matrix Reloaded after hating A New Hope or Matrix…

Supposedly, Tron-time runs faster than our time (and it should, considering that computers these days can run millions of cycles per second), and it shows. It doesn’t take more than 2 seconds to see how The Grid has evolved in all those ‘million’ years (hint, The Grid’s version of the Flynn Arcade is “different” than the real version). This is really amazing, as makes the entire world look so different, and yet so familiar since the style is kept so well.

Then we have the games. They are indeed way more intense than the ones on the first film. However, I would have loved to see more of the games (I specially missed the ball-tossing game).

On a 3D level, the movie is amazing. I was wondering if intense action sequences would work in 3D, and they do. Your vision (or brain) never breaks, and you never get discontinuity issues with the depth perception. So in general filmmakers are getting better and better at 3D.

One thing I keep wondering is how come such a technological world doesn’t have locks on the doors? I mean, when Clu goes to Kevin’s apartment he just gets in without any kind of trouble.

Anything else not to like? Well, besides the fact that Gem dies (big shock), I’m not buying that part about Sam keeping the girl. I mean, we all know that in the end the good guy gets the girl, but not when your girl is from another dimension or anything like that… And yeah, I am aware that was a very big spoiler for those who haven’t watched the movie yet, but Sam keeping the girl takes you by surprise then I can only guess you don’t watch movies that often.

At least if you try to find the logic behind it, you get it if you remember Quorra is some sort of special program… She’s like Neo, able to walk in both worlds… Cool, don’t you think?

As for the digital Flynn, does it work? Well, to tell the truth, what DD did for Benjamin Button looked better. Benjamin was amazing, but this young Flynn (and the digital Tron as well) were like a couple of years behind. I mean, they looked cool and all, but not nearly as good or real as Benjamin Button in most of the scenes.

So, Tron: Legacy, cool movie, nice effects, hot sirens, action, adventure, an images and sound feast, must watch if you happen to live in a crappy country where the movie isn’t screening yet (like me). So if you live in my country, and liked the first one, you should already be standing in line waiting for the first screening. Fuck job and all, Tron: Legacy is more important than all that Smile

So there, that’s my nearly spoiler-free review.

Tron: Legacy rocks. End of line.


~ by nemirc on February 2, 2011.

One Response to “My out of schedule and extremely delayed Tron: Legacy review”

  1. Sergio, I really liked the review. Very deep and professional with a hint of passion! Great!
    Yesterday I watched the movie and got very impressed by the way digital world was recreated. You should see a project which is very related to this movie:

    See you around.

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