More on Tron Legacy, and other stuff.

Well, I watched Tron Legacy again this week, and I noticed a few things that, even if noticeable, didn’t actually stick the first time I watched the movie. I will also mention some stuff that’s pretty obvious but that makes you wonder how Tron will continue, since they obvioulsy didn’t wrap everything up here.

So what’s Dillinger’s son (also lastnamed Dillinger, woah) doing in Encom if his father was pretty much kicked out of the door in the first movie?

Why did Castor get somewhat freaked out after Sam said that Quorra had sent him? And did Gem was somehow “attached” to him?

In the End of Line Club, there was a one-eyed guy. So, how did that guy lose the eye? And more important, why didn’t he have like a “Terminator face” (like the guy next to Sam when he was captured and taken to the Recognizer). My guess is he was an ISO so he’s some sort of organic cybernetic being.

Did you notice the “Bit” (or at least that’s how his name sounds like to me) miniatures in Flynn’s place? I mean, the silver and golden polyfaceted things he had on the shelf. Also, those were the only poly things anywhere on the film (the rest were Subdivision Surfaces… yeah, I am so cool I can tell the difference).


Did anyone else think Clu 2 was not evil, but rather misunderstood? At the end of the movie he wasn’t really anything else than pissed off at Flynn because he wanted to build the perfect system, and Flynn was like “there is not such thing as perfect system, man.”

What happened to Tron after he fell on the Lego sea? After all his body was not derezzed (or whatever). He just turned blue and sank.

Is it me or Allan’s nose is bigger than it was in 1982?

How are Sam and Quorra gonna change the world?

Movie languaje: When Flynn was talking about the ISOs, the camera was focused on Quorra… can’t get any clearer than that…

Do you think that really, REALLY, “Flynn Lives”?

What’s with the black balls Clu was holding when Tron, I mean Rinzler was fighting Sam? It’s almost like he was controlling him because Rinzler would kinda react to what Clu was doing with his balls (the black balls, I mean).

Did anyone else notice Quorra’s white thong at the end?

Yeah, the previous point was just me trying to add some fun to this post Smile

Some people complained about Clu’s speech near the end, but  it was established at the beginning of the film that Flynn liked speeches and all (during the TV news feeds), and since Clu is Flynn… that pretty much answers that issue.

Flynn had water at his place, they drink this glowing water, so why the sea near the portal is made of Legos?

A lot of people are wondering why there weren’t any references to the Internet. The director himself said during SIGGRAPH the system was an isolated computer in a basement, and it was not connected to the internet, so the guys inside The Grid didn’t know anything about the internet, cellphones, Duty Calls I mean Call of Duty, or iTunes.

Anyway, that’s all for this weekly post. Been working on that ultra secret project, but also on some other stuff, now I am thinking I will show you a little something. This is just a quickie I did a couple of weeks ago.


~ by nemirc on February 28, 2011.

One Response to “More on Tron Legacy, and other stuff.”

  1. Aquí va el comentario odd del día, pero no importa.
    Primero: “Is it me or Allan’s nose is bigger than it was in 1982?”, jajajaja, te pelaste 😛
    Segundo: Quiero opinar como alguien que vio Tron por primera vez hace años y años y años, con la mente sana y el espíritu limpio que solo tiene uno a los cuatro años. Ajá, la vi en la tele, cuando la dieron en el cine creo que no tenía aún uso de razón.
    En fin, la película me gustó tanto que la vi cada vez que la pasaban en Gente Chica, y cuando salió la edición remasterizada del aniversario me la compré, la disfruté muchísimo y la sigo disfrutando.
    Quiero decir que esta película está muy orientada a un público que quizá no vio/disfrutó la primera con el alma de niño que yo lo hice, pero también trae elementos que realmente me removieron el huesito de la nostalgia. Para mí, el momento culmen fue cuando Sam toma el disco al final, y lo apunta hacia arriba, para poder salir de la “rejilla”, ahhhh, solo de acordarme me emociono.
    En fin, estoy en la tarea pendiente de verla de nuevo, no me extraña que vos ya lo hayás hecho.

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