Film workshop!!!

Hello again people. I think I mentioned this before, I am taking part in a film workshop down here. We may not have that many award-winning filmmakers and such, but the workshop is in charge of the only guy from this country to ever win an Oscar.

I gotta say the guy really knows his stuff, and I’ve learned a lot even if I’ve only been one week there. This has been a crazy week since I’ve spent half of my time there, but it’s worth it!

In the meantime, the secret project (code-named Project dogs) is around 38% done. Only thing is that after sending it to the focus group or whatever they’ve found a few acceptance issues so that means part of the job has to be remade…

Well, I am not complaining, though, that’s all of the quality control, and that’s something I take very seriously.


~ by nemirc on March 14, 2011.

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