Texturing, dogs and Eliza

Another week ends, and what a crazy week it’s been. The film workshop I told you about is still running, I’ve also been texturing and fixing some stuff in the current project (let’s call it by the codename: Project dogs… although we don’t have any dogs in it).

Still the project is coming along nicely. It’s nice to see it slowly taking shape and seeing the first “milestones” is great considering we didn’t have anything to show a month ago. That doesn’t mean I’m showing you anything, though. Project dogs reveal will be on June.

I’ve also been working on texturing, and I wanted to show you what I have. I went after a “Heather” look (from Silent Hill 3), with the tired eyes and all, and I think it came out pretty nice if you ask me.


She’s not wearing any make up but that’s the point. You will get more of her background (as well as her name) on a future post. I will also show you a full body shot then.

On a different subject, Eliza (the ghost from my film “Tormented”) is lost, and has to be found. Remember these words, as they will be of great meaning soon: “Find Eliza.”

See you next weekend!

~ by nemirc on March 20, 2011.

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