“Don’t have time to play with myself”–Duke Nukem

This week I had to work faster to sorta compensate for the time I was away during the film workshop. The secret project is around 47% done, though… at least on a numbers level it sounds cool, but that 53% remaining is either as difficult or even more difficult than what we’ve done so far.

So, as you can guess, I’ve been doing modeling and texturing, and I can’t show you anything but at least I can tell you it’s looking cool Smile

Now here’s the funny thing: Project Dogs is 47% done and I already have the “concept” if you will, for the next one: Project Mirror Mask. In case you wonder it has nothing to do with the Henson movie (first of all, there’s a space between Mirror and Mask here, and the movie is “MirrorMask” Open-mouthed smile, but also the concept and all is very different).

BTW I went to watch Rango the other day, and it’s become one of my favorite animated movies now. And the level of realism was amazing, unlike anything I’ve seen in an animated movie before.

I almost forgot, did you notice Duke Nukem Forever was delayed yet again? That has happened so much I don’t even find it funny anymore, although I have to admit I am not at all excited about that game. It was fun like 10 years ago but now games have evolved, whether Duke likes it or not.

~ by nemirc on March 28, 2011.

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