Animation of the day

Time to share another animation I made. This one was made this week, and it’s supposed to be a character looking around “restless,” like “thinking something’s coming to get him.”

So you see, sometimes I DO share what I’ve been working on.

So what else? I wrote an article about some dudes (AKA Mindblock), who are the first game developing studio in this country (AKA El Salvador). They released their first game in February (Pest Fest, look for it in iTunes), and soon they will be releasing an update “soon.”

It’s nice to finally see people taking game development seriously, since so far I’ve only seen people playing game developers but never actually doing anything ( I mean, someone building a 2 or 3 room level and leaving it like that, or someone writing a line of code for a “quick time event” that was never actually used for anything and never touched again, doesn’t fall into my definition of serious game development, sorry).

I’ll put the link to the article when it’s published.

Oh, yeah, Project Dogs is around 58% done… that’s 2% more than last week… craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!


~ by nemirc on April 18, 2011.

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