Parasite announced this Friday the 13th


If you’re a frequent reader, you know at the company we’ve been working on something codenamed “Project Dogs.” Well, yesterday the press release came out announcing the debut title of the company, Parasite, and, as you can guess, Project Dogs was actually Parasite.

You can read the press release, that you can share via social networks with friends and enemies, here.

The press release was published on different places including Gamasutra, Gamepress, IndustryGamers, and William Usher from CinemaBlend wrote a nice impression on it:

“Indie studio Domaginarium announced today that a brand new project is in the works that attempts to do something those big studios have forgotten about: make a fun game that isn’t a military shooter using a snazzy game engine. The name of the game is Parasite and it sees players stepping into the shoes of an unlikely anti-hero who faces off against some terrifying threats.” –William Usher, GamingBlend

So there you have it. Parasite will be released sometime in the second semester, and we will be posting news every other week on the website, Twitter, and Facebook. You can also join the company’s Twitter and Facebook pages.

Barracuda off.


~ by nemirc on May 14, 2011.

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