I am aware today is monday…

But hey, give me a break, I took the weekend off, sorta… Let’s just say I was lazy Smile

Anyway, what news from the mark? We’re working hard on the game, I have a list of the stuff that needs to be added to the character before we hit the beta. For example, different jump animations depending on the character’s speed, quick time events, different idle poses (a more relaxed one) and other stuff. So yeah, the game will include quick time events, but I’m not telling you about them just yet.

She’ll also be modified a little, to better fit the story. I can’t go into much detail about that either, so you’ll have to wait and see.

BTW I reviewed Premiere Pro CS5.5, you can read all about it here

There’s also a Parasite page on IndieDB, so feel free to go and join the conversation. If there’s enough interest maybe I will be posting some “behind the development” stuff there.


~ by nemirc on June 14, 2011.

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