File\Export\Export as AAA game…

Well hello all!

Since I was smart, or dumb enough to get myself into independent game development, I’ve been paying more attention to independent games, specially on the technical level. I find kinda funny how gamers will be quick to point out if an indie game doesn’t feature the latest and greatest graphics, and hence sucks, completely ignoring that game may not be developed by some gargantuan company (I like that word, heh, even if I barely use it).

I’ve also noticed how a game that uses certain engine but doesn’t have top of the line graphics is also bashed, like saying “you’re using CryEngine or whatever, put your backs into it and give us Crysis 3!!!”

Actually I got a message from someone with marginal UnrealEd experience a while ago, giving “priceless advice” on how to make something cool in that program… yeah, I was being sarcastic. People will always come and try to show they know their shit while they actually don’t know shit, and I find that very amusing.

At least I don’t get comments like “use the Export as AAA game in UnrealEd and you’ll automatically get Bioshock quality graphics!” That would so remind me of this post.

So please let people do their work and don’t pretend you can lecture them on how they can do it when you actually don’t know shit and are just being a smartass. Thank you.


I just hope things are smoother after the game releases so I can slowly go back to the short film I was working on…


~ by nemirc on June 27, 2011.

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