“Les risques du métier” and how you’re not the man for the job

Hello world!

I think I mentioned this on a previous blog post, we’re working on a developer diary. On this second post I discussed a little about what you need to consider when the character moves.

I was kinda surprised to see the entire character class has over 1000 lines of code, because the mechanics themselves are very simple (running, jumping, shooting). I don’t even want to know how complex things would be if I’d added climbing, swinging, lapdancing and whatnot.

One thing I found amusing and annoying at the same time was how 2 people were so quick to troll the youtube video used for the blog post before I had the chance to disable comments on it after uploading it (I disable comments there because youtube is the largest source of trollig out there, and also because videos posted there are meant to be used somewhere else, so we don’t bother checking the comments over there). Basically they were going like “this looks like shit” or something similar (video below).

So, what we have here? The character in an EMPTY space, using an unedited template stage from UDK, a cube in the middle of the plane, and with the default lighting that makes her look like a ghost (glow around her and all).

So maybe they didn’t like the stage and went “this looks like shit!” In that case, they obviously don’t know what they are talking about because the stage is a template from the Unreal Editor and none of us would even care if they think it looks like shit since it’s not part of the game.

Maybe they don’t like the character since she’s not a “scantly clad blood elf” and they didn’t like that so they went like “this looks like shit!” If that’s the case, that’s too bad because we don’t want the subject to be a hot and sexy blood elf.

Either way, I found it annoying because, like we say in my country, “you talk because you have a mouth, not because you’ve something interesting to say,” and it’s more than obvious they are into gaming but not into game development. And amusing because it took me maybe less than 5 minutes to upload the video and disable comments, and with so many videos on youtube they happened to show up right on the one I was uploading.

Today I mentioned to a friend something I’d noticed this pat E3. I remember reading many comments about how “Frostbite Engine 2 beats Unreal Engine and CryEngine hands down, and how COD sucks because they are using the Quake engine” surprisingly, that came from watching a Battlefield 3 demo…

(Demo looks cool, but I believe at least half of what I saw can also be done in Unity)

The only reason why they know about modern engines is because they read about them on Wikipedia and then they start flame wars about which engine is better based on what game has better graphics, while they surely don’t know what real-time tessellation or spherical harmonics lighting are…

That part about them not being into game development reminded me of something that I learned when I was a Maya instructor last year. I went to this school, showed the kids some videos about animation and videogames (they were highschool students) and they were like “that’s so cool! We’ll get to know how they made movies like Matrix, as well games like Halo and Crysis.”

So the course began. Long story short, we began the course with 27 students, and by the end of the course there were only 5 (the rest of them dropped out). The guys behind the course asked me why that had happened, i f they had done something wrong and whatnot I just told them “there are those who are born to WATCH animated and VFX movies, and there are those who were born to MAKE them, just like there are those who were born to MAKE games and those who only were born to PLAY them.”

If you ask me, I don’t know if I was “born” to make animated stuff or games. All I know is I can spend an entire week in MotionBuilder animating a 5 second shot for a movie, and have fun while doing it. I can spend I don’t know how many days writing 1000 lines of code just to make my character walk, jump and attack without going insane (maybe just a little insane) or spend countless hours just designing a gameplay feature for the game. On the other hand, many of the "ohhh, it would be so cool to work on ‘Warfare’ because I love videogames” would surely hate CryEngine by the end of their first week working on ‘Warfare.’

~ by nemirc on August 1, 2011.

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