I know I promised to share my take on what’s the “indie developer” based on my filmmaking background, but I’m too tired to do it so I’m just gonna share a little thing about the game.

It will rock your world!

Ok, now seriously, since the main point in the game is “choice,” you can choose from different solutions to overcome any obstacle, I thought it would be nice to let players choose to be cowards (ok, ok, to let them be “un-brave”) and hide behind objects and stuff so enemies don’t spot them. As you can imagine, I won’t be showing you any game screenshot featuring those (since we don’t have anything on Facebook about that yet, and we usually prefer to show screens on Facebook before anywhere else), but I will show you the default UT character doing the exact same thing.

If you’re familiar with cover/sneak based games, then there’s nothing new here, but the gameplay mechanic itself is fun. This is obviously just about a crouching pawn, and not about a fully featured “cover system” like in Gears or Mass Effect, after all, The Subject is not some sort of space marine-ess (or something?) so adding a cover system for her doesn’t make sense (just like adding a climbing system, since she’s no Lara Croft).


Now, if you want the pawn to fire while he (or she) is hiding, you need to make projectiles go over the blocking element since projectiles usually travel in a straight line between the spawn position and the target. For example in Batman Arkham Asylum your flying bat-thingy travels in a curved path. On the other hand this could be as easy as making your pawn raise the weapon “à la Gears of War” (AKA the blind firing).

Anyway, you get the idea, you can walk behind those small objects and enemies won’t see you, and that helps you save some health (because The Subject’s health goes down every time she shoots).

I’ll post images of The Subject doing this soon, maybe next week. In the meantime, have a nice week!

~ by nemirc on August 29, 2011.

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