Illustrated look for Parasite and free Portal

There’s another entry in the Parasite developer diary. This new entry is about the illustrated look I kinda showed you a couple of posts ago. You can read the devl diary blog post here.

This illustration style is not a “final look” or anything. It’s more about experimenting with different looks. Someone pointed me to the Borderlands look, and it’s cool actually, although it may not exactly be what I want for Parasite (specially because Parasite is somewhat of a dark story, even if it is not a horror game).

As a little reminder, you can keep up with the Parasite news on Facebook and Twitter.

These past days I’ve been playing Portal (the original one) since it was free on Steam, and I’d never played it before (mostly because it never caught my attention). It’s hard to come up with an opinion on Portal, unless defining what the game is, specially since it comes from Valve.

So, to me Portal is not a triple-A game, but more like some sort of arcade game. To tell the truth this should actually be a good thing, because the game is very short and shallow (story-wise), and if it were a triple-A title, those two things would make it a complete disaster.

I don’t think I have to go into much detail about it being short, but I do consider it’s a shallow game. You are who-knows-who, and wake up God-knows-where, and there’s this robot that supposedly killed everyone for some unknown reason. During the game you find like hiding rooms where seemingly people was hiding from who-knows-what and who-knows-why (and don’t give me the “well, they were hiding from GLaDOS because she wanted them dead” because that’s the obvious but stupid explanation). So, it can’t get any simpler than that, and after playing so many story-driven games, I was expecting to actually find out anything about the backstory and all, but all I got was cake and some PowerPoint making reference to Black Mesa so you go like “oooohhhhh! Half Life!!!” and get the impression that Aperture is actually relevant in some way.

So again, it’s about not considering Portal a triple-A game, because it’s not. It’s more like a high-quality arcade game.

The game itself was very enjoyable, specially since everything made me not take it so seriously (well the childish turrets kinda helped there). However, I didn’t really like the final part that much. I am guessing many of those who’d play Portal would be HL veterans, and HL is a game that encourages the players to stop and wonder “what to do next” all the time, but then in Portal you have all these “this way” signs that made me wonder if that was part of the game’s awkward sense of humor, or just an excuse for poor level design at the end of the game. To me that final part was like a dumbed-down version of Half Life (with poor level design if you ask me).

Still the game is cool, if not taken seriously (and ignoring the “go this way” parts).

And don’t tell me “Portal 2 gives you a deeper look into the story” because that’s what Portal should’ve done. You don’t watch the original and then go “ok, now if you want to know what this was all about, watch the sequel.”

That’s all for today Smile


~ by nemirc on September 26, 2011.

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