SteroidS coming out soon

Ok, here’s the thing. SteroidS is almost ready for primetime, and I wanted to show you a couple of things, and also talk about the game modes. The first thing is powerups, you have two powerups in SteroidS, one is used to get an extra life in case you’ve lost any already, and the other one is used to kill all the enemies on the level. Since you’re basically using it as a way to get rid of them in case you’re overrun, you don’t get any score points from using it.


There are also some enemies that appear randomly during gameplay (only on higher difficulty waves). Those enemies are worth higher points when killed, and are cool to watch (and kill)!


About game modes:

Unless we end up changing our mind in the following days, there are 6 different game modes:
Escape: prevent the thugs from escaping, and survive the containment protocol (AKA environment laser-based traps).
Swarm: don’t let the enemies get you, and survive the containment protocol.
Insane job: same as Escape, but you lose after the first thug escapes.
Too sexy for powerups: same as Swarm, but you only get one life, and no power ups.
Blue men show: only kill the blue men, and avoid shooting other enemies.
Speeding bullet: get the higher possible score in 3 minutes.

On future updates we will add more arenas and more random enemies.

BTW I also began my blog on Gamasutra, and I’ll be discussing some stuff there that, maybe, I’ll be crossposting here. Take a look. My following posts will be about “building an indie gamedev studio in a wasteland” (not the actual title but you get the idea).

As for Parasite, it’s still under heavy development, and we’ll have a new gameplay video “soon.”

That’s it for today. See you soon!


~ by nemirc on October 24, 2011.

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