SteroidS is out, and (finally) a new article

Ok, since this is the 21st century (I think) I figure the best I can do is show you a video.

Since this is my blog and I can talk more freely than how I can talk in other media, I can say (based on what you just saw on the video) the idea was to make a dumb game.

I mean, the mechanics are simple and work (shoot stuff, get scores, shoot more stuff before it gets to the bottom, get scores, don’t get touched, don’t get shot), but I wanted to add more to it, so you see there are a few humorous elements on the levels (kernel panic screens, BSODs, and screens with orange characters à la Portal). The game has many many more of these, but obviously I can’t spoil them for you.

All I can say is the game is a lot of fun, and on higher difficulty levels it becomes nearly impossible to beat. So, why don’t you get SteroidS now on Indievania? You know you want to Winking smile

This week there was a new article on Renderosity written by me. It’d been a while since I’d written my last article, too much time to tell the truth, so I had to solve that and write something. This week article´s was about a game titled 250 indie games you must play. There will be more articles from me on Renderosity in the following weeks, including software reviews and books, so keep an eye on the site.

I plan to write a postmortem on SteroidS. It will be made available on my Gamasutra, and I’ll post the link here when it’s done. BTW I am now an Expert Blogger on Gamasutra, HAHA!


~ by nemirc on November 14, 2011.

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